When they announced the Intense Chocolate as the winner of the dairy free – dessert Good Choice, Quality Food Award it was definitely a proud parent moment, where all our hard work and dedication as a team finally paid off. Our small team is formed from a diverse group of entrepreneurs with different backgrounds: artists, chefs, psychologists, Harvard scientists, McKinsey consultants and Saatchi & Saatchi branding experts. We know that innovation prospers when the broadest set of skills and mindsets come together!

Each year, hundreds of products enter and are judged in separate categories by a panel of judges, whose varying expertise in different sectors of the food industry help them to identify the very best tasting products. When entering the award we put forward our best-selling flavour - Intense Chocolate - and submitted this summary to sit alongside:

Frill is on a mission to revolutionise the ice cream sector. After two years of tinkering in a small kitchen in Notting Hill, with several hiccups along the way, we have created a delicious and healthy alternative to ice cream. Made from a unique blend of whole fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients, Frill is packed full of nutrients. We are gluten free, high in fibre, and have no added sugar or sweetener. Frill’s versatility allows you to enjoy it at any time from breakfast to dessert.

What makes us stand out from the ice cream crowd is that typical ice creams are high in sugar and fat.  Manufacturers add sweeteners, low-calorie sugar alcohols like Erythritol or Xylitol, or protein isolates to reduce the offending sugar or fat, but we don't take these short-cuts. We're also ten times the fibre of normal ice cream (the only macronutrient most of us are not getting enough of) and are vegan and gluten free too. Frill has more flavour and vitamins than most fruit and vegetables sold for consumption: Instead of being picked less ripe to survive the transport into stores, the produce in Frill is picked ripe and immediately frozen to preserve all nutrients.

But above all, we never compromise on taste. If you’re already a fan of Frill you will know that we are as creamy in texture and as full of natural zing as regular ice cream. So if you’re wanting to see what the Good Choice, Quality Food Judges were so excited about, go grab a tub of our Intense Chocolate, dig in and let us know what you think.