Is Frill vegan friendly?

Yes, all the Frill’s  have been certified by The Vegan Society. 

Is Frill gluten free?

Yes, all the Frill’s have been certified by Coeliac UK.

The ingredients list says wheat, so how can it be gluten free? 

The gluten has been completely washed from the wheat/maize dextrin.

Does Frill contain nuts?

Yes, Refreshing Green contains macadamia nuts.
Nutty Caramel have peanuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts.
Whilst there are no nuts in the ingredients for our Intense Chocolate and Bursting Berries, they are made in kitchens handling peanuts, nuts and sesame seeds, so may contain traces.

What are the ingredients in the Green flavour?

Refreshing Green is a unique fusion of fruit (mango, pineapple), vegetables (celery, spinach, avocado), herbs from the field, and macadamia nut to give it a little extra creaminess.

Is Frill available to buy online?

Yes at ocado.com

What is the base in Frill,  if you don't use dairy?

Frill is made with water, dates, fruits and vegetables and our natural blend of fibres.

How is Frill so creamy?

It is our own blending and churning technology which creates a smooth and creamy texture.

What’s in your natural blend of fibres?

We only use natural, plant-based fibres.
These are: wheat/Maize dextrin (gluten free), psyllium husk, apple pectin, carob gum and chicory root inulin. 

If I want to make it into a smoothie, do I just let it melt?

You can, but when mixing one part Frill to two parts fruit juice or plant-based milk you get a very nice smoothie as well.
No need to use a blender, just hand blend or shake.